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Avocado Awesome [AvA] [NA] - Great Cozy Guild!

Rust O.6937

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Avocado Awesome is a recently established and small guild looking for sociable new members to participate in all areas of Guild Wars 2.If you’re interesting in joining a new guild and fun community, here’s what you can expect from [AvA]:

  • We are a small friendly PvX guild
  • We have a guild hall and Discord with new player resources
  • Welcoming to new / returning / veteran players
  • Our WvW server is Henge of Denravi!
  • We have a Custom PvP Lobby
  • Guild Missions, Events, Tournaments, Training

Our future plans include:

  • Raid groups
  • Achievement runs
  • HP/MP trains

Please send a mail in game or whisper!

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