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hero screen condition damage value doesnt increase after taking food


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i have the following issue on my scourge necro;

area is sparkfly fen, teq event.food i use is rare veggie pizza +100 exp and +70 condi damage and a master tuning crystal condi damage +3% of precision and +6% of expertise

when i open hero screen in sparkfly event my precision is 1300 and expertise is 502, and this is without any food taken.and with no boons or buffs on me

-i have a scepter torch equipped( no food) ;hero screen condi damage is 1127 and duration is 80.6%-i have axe torch equiped (no food )hero screen condi damage is 1064 and duration is 79.72

eat a rare veggie pizza (+100 expertise and +70 condi damage)

-scepter torch equipped (with rare veggie pizza)hero screen condi damage is 1127 (no increase of 70) and duration is 87.09
-axe torch equipped (with rare veggie pizza)hero screen condi damage is 1115 (increase of 51) and duration is 86.27

so in hero screen my condi damage with scepter torch stays at 1127 and does not increaseaxe value does increase with 51 (not 70) but this might be becasue of the lower level area

now i also take a master tuning crystal ( gain condi 3% of precision plus 6 % of expertise) wich should give about 69 condi damage extra

scepter torch equipped (with rare veggie piza and master tuning crystal)hero screen condi damage 1127 (again no increase in condi damage on scepter) , duration 87.09axe torch equipped (with rare veggie pizza and master tuning crystal)hero screen condi damage 1127 (increase of just 12 and not 69)

i have not checked if this is the same in lvl 80 areas. and not if real damage values are different.update: in level 80 area the values look correct, and add up on both scepter and axe to the correct values.

it looks to me there is either a hard limit on condi damage (in lower level areas?) or the display values are incorrect.

any thoughts?

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