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the porcine forage skills should really be reworked


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considering we actually use one of the porcine pets now it'd be great if we could get a rework on that clumsy F2 of theirs, especially because...

picking up the items is a clumsy task. it immobilizes you and though the animation isn't terribly long it feels like you're left wide open

some of the items the porcine forages are kinda useless. the egg, the seed pod (it's supposed to cleanse conditions, but i don't see it happening!), all the condi forages from the warthog... even the double stealth that is just identical from the siamoth. why not just have a single foraged item that grants stealth instead?

but the worst offender IMO by far is thatenemies can pick up the foraged itemsYt6vf6e.jpgwhat? why?! i get that it's an "improvised weapon", but you don't see enemies able to pick up conjured lightning hammers or banners?! I don't think any ranger would be so keen on seeing their siamoth dig up some delicious plasma, just for the enemy to grab it and gulp it down. why is this even a thing?

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