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[NA][PvX] Come cause a little [havc]!

Aiden Solaine.7536

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Havoc[havc] is recruiting new and active mischief makers! We are a social, casual PvX guild with fun and friendly guildies running on the NA server. Some of our fun things include:

  • Established GH

  • Weekly missions

  • Bounty trains with a commander

  • Active Discord with voice

  • PvP players

  • Weekly fractal runs with experienced players

  • WvW, Devona's Rest Server

  • Lotteries for members who participate in the action every week! Who doesn't love a chance for free gold? We love to help and have a fun, knowledgeable playerbase. We're on the lookout for active players both new and old. Please feel free to pm me here for an invite or whisper my character in-game: AidenSolaine.7536 or send me a message on Discord: Lynnaras#0871

Hop on the crazy train and let's cause a little trouble. :)

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