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[WVW]World Elite[WE] on Kaineng looking for South East Asia time fight focus players.

Riddle Mituan.5061

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World Elite [WE] is a 2 years old SEA time WvW focused English speaking guild on Kaineng.Commander Riddle with 4 years experience against outnumbered and pin snipe ;)Aim to be solid fight oriented. GvG involved.We have members from China(pretty much just myself), Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, NA and EU.We open to anyone who can communicate with English and follow the command on discord.WE are good to handle fair amount of enemies just always struggle against other blobby servers.In order to fix this issueWE now recruiting: Spellbreaker, Chronomancer, Scourge, Revenant, Firebrand and Weaver. (List follow the priority)

Raid days:South East Asia Sat Sun Tue Wed, would add more rally if enough members online and got things to fight.Raid time: 12 AM - 3 PM server time/SEA 8 PM-11 PM (slightly different every rally)Current size: Around 10 per raid out of 18 total guild members.

Requirements :

  1. Must be level 80 with classes gear build ready for fight.(HoT PoF required) [Willing to get urself ready also count]
  2. Rep during SEA timezone WVW run. (not require to rep when not in WVW)
  3. Must be willing to learn and improve. Must not be sensitive to constructive criticism.
  4. Mic required. Callout Skills Required.
  5. Registered to [WE] guild discord. Be on discord during raids!
  6. Must be active during SEA timezone. (Attend at LEAST 2-3 raids/week).Exception: Inform us if you can't attend raid due to IRL7.No drama or rumor makers.8.We want members really dedicate about WVW but not those who do PVP PVE random stuffs while rest of guild WVWing.When we have10 members online we need all 10 in WVW. WVW priority than rest of game.

Trial process :When you join, you need to set up discord within 3 days.You will have TWO WEEKS (with exceptions) to get the right gears follow the guild builds.Discord is mandatory (No exception). MUST be on discord with the commander for every raid you attend.Use mic to callout skills, and talk.

Kick:1.Breaking guild rules (Pls check guild-rules channel in [WE] discord)2.Not online for more than 2 weeks without any legit reason OR online BUT not joining raid.3.Promoting negativity or bad attitude, affecting the guild.

NOTE:You are more than welcome to re-register to [WE] once you are organised and ready to play.We are willing to teach new players, return outdated players.Just still with limit time (2 weeks) to get your gear builds ready. Its part of reflect how dedicate about WVW you are.We will make sure to give new members enough guide and practice for fight.But it's still possible to kick if we find out you not really fit after long time trial.

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