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LFG Returning casual player, NA EST Tarnished Coast PvE


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Hello all, I’m a long time Guild Wars fan who had to leave the game a year or two ago, due to career and Real Life Stuff.

Well, I made a recent visit to Tyria and realized I was missing out on the fun. And now I’m back. So…

I’m an older IT professional who plays a few hours during the week, but mostly on weekends. I’ve experienced content from launch to most of HoT, and I’m currently enjoying PoF. I’ve dipped into a lot of the PvE content from dungeons, to the early fractals, but I’m inexperienced when it comes to PvP. Limited playtime, so casual paced content preferred. Meta? I used to consider myself pretty good keeping up with my favorite classes, but my knowledge is obsolete, so I’m a vetnoob again. Currently training my Weaver skills.

Personality? In a few sentences: usual pop culture stuff, comics, sci-fi, subtitled anime, 90s indie rock, 80's RPGs, cooking. Been known to relax with a flagon of mead while playing, if you’re cool with that. Compulsive screenshotter. Casual, in playstyle and demeanor. RP background, but these days I only indulge in the occasional, fourth-wall breaking flavor of RP Lite I call "Deadpooling." Also, nothing against Charr but, dog person.

Sound like a good fit? Comment below or give my in game alter-ego Ayo Carina a ping. We can hang, have a few lulz, maybe help Ayo live out her Dream of...


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Hi there! I'm part of Remnants of Hope, and it sounds like you might find some like-minded peeps over here. Our overall attitude is fun and welcoming, and we have folks who range from casual to somewhat hardcore (but without the attitude).

One of the things I enjoy most about RoH is that there's a little bit of everything-- raids, fractals, guild missions, sPvP, WvW, RP, and even random events cooked up by our members just for the fun of it. OH! And bonus-- we're also on TC!

If that sounds like something you're looking for, check out my post for more info! :)


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@"kara.9840" said:Hi there! I'm part of Remnants of Hope, and it sounds like you might find some like-minded peeps over here.Ahoy hoy!Thanks for reaching out! I've noticed your post browsing around the forums, now my interest is piqued.

I'll put together an application during the week, looking forwards to meeting you in-game. Ayo is too.z5S8mAj.jpgvP5P3Hd.jpg

BTW, I noticed on the webpage that RoH had it's roots in Star Wars Galaxies. Interesting, that. I too, am from a server, far, far away... /knowingwink

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Hahaha! As you can see from my topic title, that joke never gets old for me!

I really look forward to receiving your application! And if you're still into surfing the galaxy, we do have a SWTOR division (I originally joined over there and still play a bit).

See you soon!

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