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Am I screwed if I don't own heart of thorns


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I know you can get HoT stat selectable gear. Selectable ascended pieces are in abundance In raids. But I do not know for sure if you can select those stats not owning heart of thorns. Personally I'd be more inclined to say you can but again, I'm not sure. I'm sure there's an answer out there and I'll give a look around for it.

Side note, berserker ranger is not in a good place, but will be fine for open world roaming in pve

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@Zaikurron.9078 said:I saw the soulbeast trailer and was like wow that looks cool I found out the expac is out already so I looked up builds for it and most I saw needed the viper armor and that's from heart of thorns so am I screwed if I want to run condi soulbeast

Definitely not screwed. As people have pointed out, there are multiple sources that reward gear with selectable stats that will include Viper. sPvP Glorious Armor is one at least and I am reasonably sure WvW and fractals all have their own options.

And until you manage to get those pieces you can always mix and match. Research what numbers you should expect from a full set of Viper's and then mix and match other gear like Berserkers and Rabid gear. Won't be quite as much damage as a full set of Viper's but should serve in the short term. Plus, might be that by the time you get a set of selectable stats your build will change and you'll want to go power. Who knows.

Personally, I find collecting selectable stat gear is easier and more enjoyable than crafting a set myself.

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