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[EU]Racist guild : Charr only guild?


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@"Loosmaster.8263" said:Unfortunately it's a novelty thing and hard to find players with the same mind set. You'll get the "racists" comment quite a bit when recruiting. I did this with Norn. Still have the guild but it's mostly storage.

Edit: I think there is a guild called "Legion of Charr" iirc. Not sure if they're still active.

It seems pretty hard indeed. Tried to add people I saw in a few thread but they seem to not be active anymore

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@Lucius.2140 said:Theres a lot of charr guilds, some players do have some none charr alts.

Examples: Warbands guilds (mostly rpg guilds), AUX (First Legion Auxiliaries), etc.Go to Black Citadel, talk in map chat and check the tags of the charr that are around, especially the ones that look good.

Must be on NA. Got contacted by the AUX guild and it sounded great until we realised we weren’t in the same region. On the EU side these types of guilds are rare as hell.

You guys in NA have some really good things. I added a EU tag as a result to avoid any confusion about my location.

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