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Deadeye Cast Times - Quick Feedback


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I'm gonna make this quick because I'm too busy enjoying the expac.

Cantrip cast times are too long. I'm specifically talking about Shadow Flare and Shadow Gust since I've been using these a lot. Shadow Gust should be instant cast because as soon as an enemy gets that close to you, waiting half a second to knock them back is enough time to get you killed in many situations, or stunned and then killed. The Shadow Flare cast time is ridiculous since in order to get the maximum damage out of it you need to cast it with max malice stacks (which takes a long time to build up) and if you're interrupted during this 3/4 sec cast time you've basically missed your opportunity to do any meaningful amount of damage to a group of enemies.

Also I've said it before and I'll say it again: Deadeye's Mark should be instant cast. All of these unnecessary cast times are making the spec feel clunky to play and detract from the otherwise great experience I'm having with PoF.

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