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[EU] Casual Player LF Guild on Gandara [PvX]


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Hi,I'm a returning player to Guild Wars 2 and am looking for a guild to enjoy the game more with.

About me:I have taken a long break from gaming in general and have found my old buddies dispersed in all different directions on my return, so I am looking for a new home also. I am,

  • 25 Years Old
  • Welsh
  • Fun

What I want from a guild:

  • People to chat with
  • Similar age group
  • Bonus: Guild that plays multiple games

Cheers for reading!

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Hello there!

My guild Crimson Blooded Defenders (CBD) may be what you're looking for! We are mostly PvE based, but are branching into fractals and raids, and some of us enjoy PvP. In the future, we hope to do some WvW as well. We welcome all players regardless of experience, and our discord is a lot chattier these days!

If you think we might be what you're looking for, check out our main forum post! https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/52213/eu-crimson-blooded-defenders-cbd-is-recruiting#latest

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