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[Suggestion] Guild Hall 'History' Instances

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I preface my idea by saying that it adds very little to the game overall, and would only be a cute touch for some very particular types of people.

It would be nice to be in your Guild Hall and go into a separate instance where you could freely view the 'landscape' changes to the Hall over time. When you start a hall, none of the buildings are completed, and parts of it are locked off to further exploration. Slowly, you get to see tents set up, then buildings be restored, and passageways uncovered. If you switch to a new Guild Hall, you already have all of these items completed, so you never can see the 'ruined' state of it.

It would be fun for at least me if you could have a menu to dynamically change the hall through any of the iterations you have unlocked. "Set the Mine to tier 0", "Unlock Further Exploration", "Set the Arena to Tier 1" all as different options. Then we could see the history of the hall and meticulously go over the changes that occurred at each step. This would also allow viewing of the upgrade cutscenes and the NPC dialogues that happen throughout the upgrade process.

I thought of this when looking at the housing system in ESO. In that, when viewing a house, you can see the empty property or switch to a 'pre-furnished' view. While not directly similar, I saw that kind of feature would be really nice for Guild Halls. The new Sun's Refuge may benefit from this, as well!

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