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NA PvE Fort Aspendwood Player LF Raiding/PvX Guild


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I used to play GW2 extensively, but never really got into raiding very hardcore. On my Mirage/Chrono I played through several of the first few raids but didn't do them consistently. I'm looking to join back into the game and actually excel as a raider.

Experience:World of Warcraft Normal/Heroic raids for several expansions since the end of Mists of PandariaGW1 Veteran from PropheciesGW2: VG; Gorseval; Cairn; Mursaat Overseer; A little Samarog; Soulless Horror; River of Souls

I'm dedicated to working on my builds for filling in multiple roles on different characters and currently have a full ascended Mirage, Holo, and soon hope to have both a Tempest Support and a Scourge geared out.Please let me know down below if you're interested in having me so we can discuss availability :)Feel free to message me in game as well!

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