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What changed to make bolt to the heart and fresh air equal?


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@Nutshel.7264 said:fresh air burst more often, doing more consistent dps, bolt burts harder - easier to finish enemy. I would say fa is better due to amount of kitten 30% hp auto safe traits

Nutshel is saying FA is better overall, regardless if you're in PvE or PvP. With regard to PvP (WvW small scale and solo stuff in my case), FA is nice because it's essentially another ranged attack at your disposal and it allows you to do more careful bursts, playing around anything with passive invulnerabilities such as warriors and engineers.

Something else to note about FA is that it allows a weaver to switch attunements more quickly. For instance, if you have to go into another attunement for an extra cc or an evade, you can then quickly switch back into air to return to dealing damage whereas a weaver using Bolt would have to wait another 4 seconds or so.

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