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Portable Siege Provisoner Suggestion

Exalted Quality.8534

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For storage that would be ok. Ease of use wise, I would love one of the new 'novelty' slots that are on your bar be able to be used to open it.

Because opening my inventory, then opening a provisioner would take longer than it is currently.

If the provisioner opened immediately based on a novelty slot, that would make it much more convenient.

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@Exalted Quality.8534 said:I have mine in a shared inventory slot to use on any character.

That's well and good, but it still is 'open inventory' then 'open provisioner'

If the seige is in my inventory already, I am wasting a step to put it in the provisioner.

I like the idea of some form of a walker to be accessible through the novelty spot.

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