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SUGGESTION - tactivators and waypoints


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Some suggests for tactivators and waypoints:

  • Prevent Tactivator operation until inner walls/gates are breached and there are actually enemy players within the boundaries.
  • Keep waypoints active until inner walls/gates breached, regardless of enemy player presence.
  • If tower, then same rules, just with outer walls/gates

Goals: (1) prevent trolling/sabotage of tactivators, (2) prevent nuisance waypoint disables because one player taps some guards.

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They should just move the EWP further away from the lord, they can keep the tact levers in same spot. Player control over them shouldn't change. I know trolls will be trolls but waiting until the last sec sometimes isn't the best option if you are map hopping and need to clear one mob to get to the next on another map.

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