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NA- Northern Shiverpeak, Looking for Raid/Fractal training guild


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Hi guys,

I am connecting from Japan with average ping of 300.. With that out of the way, I am looking to join a guild where there's a Raid/Fractal training/grouping at around morning US time.

As you probably know, Asia night time is pretty much opposite of NA time. Many times I see someone actively searching or promoting their guild, but mostly at the time where I have to work. So I am really hoping that I can find a guild that is arranging such activities around my playing time. I don't care about guild level, I am open to anything.

I just returned after 4 years and I am loving the game again. I can listen in discord if needed, but small problem is that I have a 6 months old that may require my attention at one time (I try to play after he's asleep to avoid this problem though). I can listen to instruction well, and I am pretty laid back person. Casual Raid (read: if its failed, or someone screw up, they dont get yelled) is really my wish to experience in GW2. I have or able to craft ascended gear if needed. Working my way on completing my ascended trinkets as we speak.

Please pm me in game or send me an email, or post in here if anyone is willing to accept me.

thank you in advance!

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