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Awakened Citizen as a Playable race


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@Vavume.8065 said:Never seen these guys before, they could easily be made into a playable race, I've always wanted some undead characters, I will buy 9 more character slots for these guys!

@"Kal Spiro.9745" said:They're humans

In terms of developments costs, that's an advantage: no new armor to design.In terms of everything else, there's no advantage: either ANet gives the "new race" short shrift by leaving out the personal story/starter map(s)/etc or they have to spend the same resources that go into living story, but just on one race. The first case isn't meaningfully different from offering more makeover designers (or more options upon character creation) and the second, according to ANet, is a non-starter (that is: they have plenty going on maintaining the current pace of living world).

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