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LS3: Shining Blade Secrets Achivements ..HELP!


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I am trying to do the old achievements im up to Shining Blade Secrets..pretty much near the end of S3.

Im trying to do Hold the Line/Precision Blade.One of them is survive for 5 minutes, that one I can do quite easy.The other is impossible...kill 50 enemies before you die.

You have about 2 minutes give or take, to kill as many as you can, I can usually get to about 30... after "The Shadow" leaves, the enemies turn into champions, it seems and kill you, once your down, you can rally and the next second your back on your butt.

They come in waves of 10, and after you kill one way the next one spawns, but there is a delay between spawns, which eats away at your time, you have NPCs helping attacking...if you can call there attacks helping, I had all the NPCs on one... and they were doing i swear like 2 damage each, so there as useful as a quaggan and a skritt having a debate.

Giving its a AoE battle, how I see it...I went with a full ascended vipers soulbeast, trapper build, condi pet, everything, food, etc. I could only get to about 35...So I tried moving my gear over to my daredevil, (no idea why other than to try it) ... I barely made it to 30.

What am I doing wrong or what can I do to get this dang achievement?!

The next achivement after that doesnt seem like its going to be fun either, but ill cross that bridge when I get to it...if i ever do.

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Did the 5 minute survival with permastealth thief (guides on youtube) and did the kill 50 enemys with an full ascended viper necromancer pre epidemic nerf.

The best advice you can take is bring a ton of aoe and cleave with disables (don't underestimate blinds).

The permastealth Anise strat might still work too but be prepared to take 20-30 minutes since while she is immortal, it will take her a while to finish off enough enemies. Even worse if you do not help out in the beginning.

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