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Several items not appearing in the "Sell Items" tab on Black Lion trading post since PoF launched

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Hi all,

I searched both in forum and google and can't seem to find anyone else reporting this same issue.

ISSUE:Since yesterday (Monday 25th of September) when I fired up the game for the first time after updating due to the PoF release I am having issues with the Black Lion trading post:

  • Several weapons/armor (non-account bound nor soulbound, just regular items that can be sold normally in the trading post) do not appear in the list at the Black Lion trading post. This happens both when clicking specifically the bag that contains the items as well as when just leaving the list of all the items in all bags that can be sold.
  • Some items appear in the Black Lion trading post as if they were in another bag (for instance, I have a weapon in a 15-slot equipment box, and if I click the 15-slot equipment box it's not there, but when I click on an18-slot silk bag it shows).

Both issues are happening at the same time, so it is making it difficult to sell in the trading post. For most though I can right-click on the item through my Inventory window and then click "Sell at Trading Post" but it is quite cumbersome to have to do this all the time and it doesn't work for all items that normally I could sell since they are just regular drops.

WHAT I'VE TRIED:I have tried clearing cache twice as per the instructions in the "Support - Troubleshooting Trading Post", as well as checking if it works in any of the other characters I have, but all present the same issue.

REQUEST:Kindly let me know if this is something I can fix somehow from my side or if it is perhaps a bug?

Thank you!

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Yes, I have been still having it. I have meant to report it since PoF launch but I kept forgetting. Apparently I just got used to not use Bag filters in TP due that.

P.S.: Yeah I know, old thread. But the issue still happens and wasn't changed/fixed since then. Why make a new thread when there is already one about it. Search now works.

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If the item you wish to sell resides in an invisible bag, it will not display when selling at merchants or on the trading post, as well as not displaying at the mystic forge.

However, as you likely know what an invisible bag is and that it isn't a case of trying to sell items that reside in one, another possible cause could be a strange, but possible bug.

As an example of what the bug might be:

  • You have an invisible bag equipped and a regular bag equipped below it, but the items are in the first slots of the regular bag, not the invisible bag
  • You also have shared inventory slots unlocked on your account
  • There could be a bug where the shared inventory slots are not properly being ignored when showing your bag listings and the number of shared slots is throwing the count off and causing items that are not in the invisible bag to be counted as if they were.

If you do have shared inventory slots as well as an invisible bag equipped, if this bug is happening then it could explain why your clicking to display the contents of one bag results in it showing some items from another bag (as well as not showing items that should be shown) - the shared inventory slots might be causing the bags to not properly display.

It would take some testing, but if you have 2 shared inventory slots (as an example), you could see if the contents of your bags displayed at the TP or a merchant are off by 2 slots, which causes 2 items from a non-invisible bag to instead be included in an invisible bag's contents at the merchant/TP window.

Ascii representation of the example:

[ ][ ] = two shared inventory slots[ ][ ][ X ][ X ] = 4-slot regular bag that contains 2 items you want to sell.[ ][ ][ X ][ X ] = 4-slot invisible bag that contains 2 items that you want protected from being displayed at the TP/merchant.[ ][ ][ ][ ] = 4-slot regular bag that is empty.

Displayed at TP:[ ][ ][ ][ ] = 4-slot regular bag shown as empty as its 2 items are being incorrectly bumped into the invisible bag slots.[ X ][ X ][ ][ ] = 4-slot invisible bag that is incorrectly being shown as containing the two items from the first regular bag, hiding them.[ X ][ X ][ ][ ] = 4-slot regular bag that is showing two items that actually reside in the invisible bag, but the bumped count caused by the shared inventory slots causes the game to see them as being two slots downward than they actually are, which causes them to no longer be protected from being sold.

Selecting to show the contents of the top 4-slot regular bag at the TP/merchant may be showing it as empty as the two items are being seen by the game as residing in the first two slots of the invisible bag. Perhaps this is why items you want to sell are not being shown as existing. It could also be showing two items from the invisible bag in the second regular bag due to all of the displayed slots being off by 2 due to having 2 shared inventory slots. If so, then there are two items able to be sold that should not be as they are actually in the invisible bag.

Perhaps it is actually the reverse of what I outlined and instead of the shared inventory slots bumping the slots downward into equipped bags, it thinks there are more shared slots than there actually are, which causes the bag slots to shift upward instead of downward.

Note that this is just a theory that came to mind just now reading your thread and that I've not done any testing to see if this is actually what is happening.

If you would be interested in looking closer at the scenario I outlined with your actual shared inventory count and equipped bag types, perhaps it will result in finding whether what I outlined is happening. If so, this might help guide your efforts with support toward getting it fixed.

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Necro-ing this thread.  This issue is still happening in 2023... Replication is easy enough.  I have only 1 invisi-bag, and it is the last bag, so it is not an issue with the invisi-bags. 

Within the BLTP, as is well known, you can filter by bag.  I have noticed that the bags seem to believe there is a max of 20 slots per bag within the BLTP.  I started noticing this with the 24-slot bags (which I recently started using).  If you take the 24+ slot bag and place a 20 slot bag under it, you can play with the slots (fill the 24 slot with misc. stuff).  If you put something within the last slot of the 20 slot, you will notice the item disappears from the list, and is placed in the next bag on the BLTP list (select your next bag).

Simple enough replication steps I believe... Comeon... fix it 😁.

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