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Branded Crystal + Scourge - Accidental bug that could be a cool feature


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I was playing the new patch on my scourge and noticed that I got frozen in a branded crystal. When in crystal form, my scourge shade skills vanished and I was left with the Death Shroud icon. I used it and entered shroud and had the full skill bar!

Everything was frozen on cooldown because of me being in crystal form and when I was released from the crystal my scourge shades came back. My first thought was: did I just get my specialization sucked out of me as a game mechanic? Then better sense kicked in and I realized it was a bug.

I have no idea how it would work for most classes, but it strikes me that a mechanic that temporarily reverts all class skills to the base class could be an interesting feature to some encounter in the game. Even if it's just certain map enemies that happen to "counter" certain classes, like an enemy that reverts spellbreaker's adrenaline skills to base warrior for 10 seconds, or something.

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