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Dismount bug


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Sometimes I cannot dismount my mount using the general dismount hotkey, any hotkeys I have set to mount on a different mount (which should dismount first, then mount when used again), or clicking the dismount button on the UI. The only thing that works is to use an engage skill, then the hotkeys set to mount or clicking manually will work, but I will still not be able to dismount properly after remounting.

This fixes itself if I exit the instance and re-enter.

So far, this has happened twice--two days ago and today. Both times in Southsun Cove. I have not had this happen anywhere else over hundreds of mount/dismounts with different characters, etc.

Has been reported in game. Wondered if anyone else has had this happen.

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Yes it happened to me a few times, last time was just yesterday. Before that, I don't remember when. But since the last patch (not the one today, the one before) I had a lot of mount issues, like the mount awkwardly remaining on my screen without a rider for around 1-2 seconds before disappearing. This did not happen before, so it is not suddenly just "my computer" that is too slow.

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