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LW EP4 Progress Stall - Escape Death Branded Shatterer

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Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, if so i cannot see it.When I get to a point of saving the awakened NPC's during the escape from Shatterer and break the first wall through which we supposed to escape with those NPC's, the mission doesn't update. It keeps pointing a big red arrow downward where the crystal wall was that i just destroyed and i can't go further than the green star that's slightly along a corridor past that doorway. The edge of the instance is right next to the green star and ofc, i get kicked if i try to go beyond it. None of the NPC's will follow or interact with me. They do get the green shields above their heads but they do not move. There's nothing that i can see with which i can interact so i'm stuck. I tried redoing the instance but no change, i'm still stuck there.

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I thought my story was bugged too, but I guess it's just a serious design flaw. The first time through, I ran right out of the instance, thinking they would follow me (as indicated in the voice dialog), and had to restart from the checkpoint. Second time I ended up coming here, wondering what the bug was. This isn't the first time they've designed crap this way, but $#@! me if it doesn't piss me off every time they do it.

Hot tip: If you put a new skill in to "solve" your "puzzle", let us know about it.

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