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Unidentified items and precursors


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@Shirlias.8104 said:Any1 was lucky enough to drop a precursor from em?Not me :disappointed:

The chances that a precursor will drop for anyone in particular is close enough to zero that it's not worth worrying about. Drop rates for unID gear aren't going to be substantially different from other sources. The big differences for unID gear are:

  • Stacks in your (hidden/invisible) inventory until you're ready to deal with it.
  • If you prefer not to salvage, allows you to sell in bulk rather than one at a time.
  • Has the same salvage opportunities, without the bother of sigils/runes.

In other words, it's no different from other loot except that you get more flexibility about when/where/how to deal with it.

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I've heard a lot of reports of precursors dropping from unID'd items, but most are along the lines of "my friend said someone in his guild got one from a blue unidentified item, but it was during the beta so he can't shown anyone".

I know one person who posted it in guild chat and I can't see any reason he'd lie about it. Although he was wrong that him getting his first precursor from unidentified gear proved the drop rate was much higher than normal. A sample size of 1 only proves it's possible, not how frequent it is.

But my understanding is that unidentified gear can be any equipment that could drop from an enemy. So you're not going to get The Anomaly or a black lion weapon or whatever, but anything that can drop could be in there.

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I saved up my first 20 yellow unID, 200 green unID, and 300 blue unID. Out of the yellow, I got 1 exotic. Out of the green I got 1 yellow about every 20 I opened, and 2 exotics total. Out of the blue, I got 1 yellow about every 30 I opened, and 1 exotic. All 4 of the exotics I got were all skins I had not unlocked yet (I have a pretty complete wardrobe), and were worth at least 2g on the TP. I don't know what my MF is off the top of my head, but I did have a guild boost and birthday booster on too. I may just have had good RNG luck, but I would suspect the drop rates for exotics are probably close to 1:50-100 from yellow unID, 1:100-200 from green unID, and probably 1:300-400 from blue unID. Precursors are probably on the same drop rates as all exotics from unID (and the odds of any 1 specific precursor would be 1:X total number of exotics from a 1:X colored unID box drop chance - so pretty rare drop anyways.) I mean, if there were only 100 total exotics, your odds of getting 1 specific precursor would be 1% , but from a yellow unID it would be around 1-2% of that 1% chance. I wouldn't doubt they drop from unID - honestly what is popping out of the unID feels extremely similar to what pops out of the MF (and I've spent well over 1000g over the years on that toilet and only once got a precursor GS about 3-4 years ago from it.) It wouldn't surprise me that the unID do use reused code.

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Anything that drops random exotics can drop a precursor or an ascended box. The odds of an exotic dropping from 'general' loot is already low, so I can't imagine that salvaging all your unID gear is going to hurt your chances of getting a precursor.

For comparison, this two-year old post includes data on 25k Embroidered Coin Purses (Silverwastes loot). Notably, their drops included

  • 3 ascended boxes (less than 1 per 8.3k bags, i.e. 33 stacks
  • 127 exotics (about 1 per 200, i.e. roughly one per stack)
  • 831 rares (about 1 per 30 bags)

(The other 24k bags were blues and greens.)

Since the chance of an exotic randomly being a precursor is tiny, there's virtually no chance that you or anyone you know is going to get a precursor from a container. People playing the game will get them (and link them in game, Reddit, here, youtube, etc). But that's the same as someone winning the lottery: obviously it's going to happen; just don't change your plans expecting that it will happen for you.

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