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Death-Branded Shatterer spawning with Kralkatorrik's Intervention x3


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Basically what the title says. From what I saw on Tuesday, the usual DBS fight is similar to the normal Shatterer, where you damage until it enters a "healing phase" (where for DBS, is 3 times in the fight, with 1/2/3 riftstalkers spawned to give the regen buff). Twice this morning, DBS has spawned with a full 3 stacks of the regen buff with no riftstalker spawns. This makes DBS practically invulnerable.

It's starting to confuse people who didn't do the fight on patch day, and now there are silly assumed strats of having to do the rift events around the map to drop the buff (it doesn't as far as I can tell, and the spawn rate is too high to make that even possible - not to mention a bunch of unorganized map goers did it multiple times yesterday without bothering)

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