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[Eu]New friendly casual guild looking for members [MOO]


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Eu) We are "How To Train Your Dolyak" [MOO] and we are recruiting again !!We welcome ANYONE who wanna join our little family of Dolyaks !We are casual, super friendly, active and only 2 months old!Weekly guild missions, treasure hunts, and guild special events (weekly smaller ones and monthly a big one).We do dungeons and fractals as much as possible and would like to add more members in the fractal team!!Sometimes we even roam in WvW and PvP always having fun :DWe would like our members to be active,friendly and help this guild grow!We are always willing to help a fellow Dolyak and try all aspects of the game!

•we have a Dolyak Intel at DISCORD, where we post everything you need to know and we get to know each other !

The server is Aurora glade (if u are interested in WvW)

If you are friendly ,newbie or veteran and wanna join, mail our queen dolyak : Tsi.7235 ♡

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