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What kind of WvW player are you?


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Control Freak: Typically a commander, running with a guild. Voice chat required at all times, you tell pugs to get lost and guild kick anyone that dies in your raids. Generally has a ridiculous group sustain and it takes a zerg twice the size to kill you. Guild builds mandatory. Constantly asks if anyone wants to gvg

Eat my huge burst and give me your delicious salty whisper: Typically a troll or sadist that relishes in the fact that you can dish out an ungodly amount of damage from nowhere and likely out of stealth, patiently waits for salty whispers and even provokes anger by throwing siege on your enemy corpses after you delete them off the face of tyria.

Filthy Casual: Plays on the weekends, generally a bronze or lower rank player. Runs with friends, and plays non-competitively to have a good time. Nothing rustles your jimbos.

I'm just here for the reward track tbh: PPTS and K-Trains only. Hates W, vW probably most likely for the "Eat my huge burst and give me your delicious salty whisper" kind of player, likely mainly plays PvE and uses a PvE build in WvW.

The person that just got a commander tag and takes the server to negative PPK territory: After all those years of criticizing commanders, you finally get enough currency to afford a commander tag. Now you can show those noobs how it's really done, Despite being only a bronze rank. Has good intentions, but probably doesn't know the bad calls and poor positioning is causing the server's ppk to go to hell. Eventually gives up and capture camps and paper towers with a squad of 20 pugs or tailgate another more experienced commander to doubleteam.

/bow /bow /bow: Typically on the sides of SMC dueling people. Ganks anyone that's disrespectful to others dueling and is somehow elusive to zergs running them over. Doesn't help the server, defend objectives, or resurrect allies.

I have no idea what I'm doing: Has a .0000001 k/d ratio, never has supplies, and likely squirrels off to kill a harpy if running in a zerg. likely uninstalls after playing for 10 minutes. Never on voice chat.

Hold 1 and W zerg bot: Self explanatory. Equivalent is the guy playing a healbot ele saying "water" every 2 seconds in voice chat.

Siege humping intensifies: Has a bottomless pit of superior and guild siege collected and donated over time. Has a secret "War Chest", and will even buy out guilds from other servers. Arrow carts block out the sun. Will take out a paper gate with 15 guild rams and a trebuchet

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None, actually.

I consider myself a "floater." Although I used to do a lot of roaming, and obviously given my rank a lot of zerging as well, I've always had a habit of wandering off. Some time late last year I became a full time floater. Which is what I consider to be a player who doesn't quite roam but doesn't quite zerg. And I recognize a lot of players other than myself who do the same.

I run towards contested objectives or red dots, sometimes getting caught up with zergs that pass by before I wander off again. I sometimes attempt to solo towers or hang around high traffic areas looking for fights but usually end up getting ganked. If it happens frequently enough, instead I'll retreat to safer ground and play defense looking for fights on my own side of the map.

I don't ever have any real objectives other than to find action. I'll call out anything I see if it's important, I'll help anyone who looks like they need it and if there's a tagless group that seems lost I'll give them some direction by taking pseudo-command.

If there's one thing I'm not however, it's a salt farmer. I realize I can be a frustrating player to fight since at times, I'm prone to being stubborn and abusing shelter or random pugs to get my wins, but I never intend to make people angry. Nor do I like to when it happens. The last thing I want to do is to upset someone but unfortunately a lot of people have fragile egos or misinterpret the context of combat. Either way, I try my best to calm people down if they get angry with me but that doesn't mean I'm innocent either.

I just want fights that feel good whether I win or lose and occasionally to swim in loot and zerg surf. Unfortunately, all of those things are harder and harder to come by as roam groups inflate and start to play proper comps and zergs avoid hard pushing at all costs.

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None of the above.I typically roam solo (or more recently will group with 1-2 other roamers if they send me an invite) and will raid with my guild on our designated nights. I find the one-shot builds and perma-invuln/perma-evade builds to be somewhat boring (reminds me of the kids who used cheat codes in the older console games so they could never die), so I'm always trying different classes/builds in an attempt to find something that is at least somewhat effective against all classes (ranged & melee; condi & burst) and at the same time can be effective enough to solo a tower. I like a challenge.
I do have a tag and used to tag up in the past, but honestly I think more people followed me because of my voice rather than my leadership abilities. I have a lot of strategies and tactics (uncommon siege placement specifically), but I'm not so good at sharing those strategies/tactics with my followers in a timely fashion, so it tended to blow up in my face more often than not...if you followed me into an open-field fight you had a 2% chance of survival!!

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I'm sort of... spastic and unfocused. The population on Stormbluff/Dragonband isn't that high, so for most things it is hard to find a group. There are long stretches of time without any commanders. So, I alternate between solo roaming, small group roaming, and zerging whenever the options present themselves. For some low maintenance participation I'll build a treb in a tower and slowly chip away at keep walls.

As far as combat styles go, I'm pretty high aggro. I don't have any dedicated WvW sets, so I just import my full glass PVE sets over. This type of playstyle leaves me relatively glass, but the DPS is unreal sometimes. I will occasionally one-shot people with Deathstrike. So, whenever it comes to combat, I go right for the throat unless the situation demands otherwise. I don't have the stones to tag up in WvW, because I have tunnel vision and generally don't understand what good tactics are and why I should use them.

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