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How do you rate "A Star to Guide Us" in scale 1-10? [spoilers]


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For me it will be:


1) The Voiceover was PHENOMENAL- so many voices, new voiceactors!!! I played Female Human and April Stewart nailed this! I also heard Asura Female did an amazing job too! And again Debbi Derryberry did a phenomenal job! @"Eve Eschenbacher.4201" You're amazing! BTW who is Snaff's VA?nevermind: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/9h5myf/my_favorite_communicator_dialog_so_far/e6cbve1/

2) The Music... I did expect amazing tracks, but the tracks from this episode are divine! Especially the music from Aurene's vision.

3) The map: seeing so many different environments in one map was just mindblowing! Maguuma Jungle, Orr, the shrooms from the other world, beautiful Jahai's Fortress, everything "decorated" with purple crystals. I think the designers nailed it! And the Shatterer meta is so EPIC!!

4) The story... It was the first time ever, I loved an episode from the 1st moment till the last. Everything was kept in order, it was entertaining, it was dramatic, it had so many plot twists that just blew my mind.

5) The cinematics- I think GW2 is on the way to beat all of the WoW cinematics its devs ever done! The cinematics are just perfect!

This episode was perfect, now I hope you will lead the story to the most epic events this game ever had.

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while the story, map and VA was good and the achievments are enjoyable there's still some issues. some achievments could do with better hints (if you're gonna have us look for a NPC at least tell us wich map to look in) and some places are bugged up the behind (last instance for example)


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9/10 but that's only because I don't believe in 10/10 :)

More seriously: i loved the story since the beginning and it only went better. Id on't want to spoil but it was surprise after surprise. Glad to see old friends come back as well.

Beautiful map also. Seeing Kourna, one of favorite place in gw1 was enchanting. Really liked the idea of the anomalies as well.Some bugs of course but nothing to annoying, at least for me.Still doing the collections.

GG Anet, I love you. I hope they keep going like this.

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There are some things I really like and some things that are meh about it but I give it a solid 7/10 overall. I would've liked to've given it an 8/10 but there's a little too much rehash in there with branded stuff yet again. Still if you take that aside for a moment the map design is pretty good as well as the story and those are very positive for me. I actually enjoyed the story line and the map does have some interesting things in it without becoming too chaotic.

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I haven't found a single thing I can criticize at this point. It is an awesome episode, the best so far (my absolute favorite, to be precise :) ).

The writing, as I foresaw, is getting better and better - the increase in quality during LWS4 has been phenomenal. <3 Every single character is on-point, and the ambiente NPCs are rich and three-dimensional as well. It feels like a living, breathing environment. I hope it stays on this high level.

The story was wonderful as well, I enjoyed every single minute of it.

I love the map (design, explorability etc.), too, although, so far, I haven't seen any organized squads for any of the events (especially for the huge Shatterer meta). :/ I hope people will eventually come around, because it all looks like fun. :+1:

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Map feels small, compartmentalised and littered with invisible wallsCollections are just boring fetch quests that mostly require a guide to make them less tediousThe 1 AP achievements feel unrewarding, should be at least 3 APSun's Refuge is annoying to enter, have to ride to far to get to the centerSun's refuge does not feel personal at all, no customizabilityStory was forgettable as usual

The upgradable armor and new Shatterer were the only positives for me.

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  • I can tell just from the dialogue that there were some different people involved in writing this episode. I particularly liked the commander being more assertive, as we rightfully should be.
  • I don't know if the Jahai map is actually bigger or not, but it FEELS bigger, more like a full sized zone than previous LS maps.
  • I liked Iberu's line about death: "It never sticks." Also the great Fifth Element "Anybody else want to negotiate?" moment with Koss.
  • The Death-Bound Shatterer is meta meets world boss. It should be great fun once commanders figure it out and can get groups organized.


  • Critically buggy patch day, again.
  • Once again, we have a map full of these cool crocodile Scaled Drakes, and rangers still can't tame one as a pet. :(
  • The shout ability for saving the Free Awakened in the story intro isn't introduced or explained; the button just appears. By the time I noticed I had the ability and figured it out, I had already lost a few and so missed the achievement on the first pass.
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Really enjoyed it. It was such a full map, and the story was great. Looking forward to doing all the Sun's Refuge collections when I get chance. Loved seeing Koss again!

I'm probably the only one, though, but I miss Kas and Jory, and I keep hoping they'll be in the next episode ... and they never are. Are they coming back soon? I don't think we've really seen Jory since S3, have we, except for a tiny cameo at the end of POF?

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7/10 --- It had a great story that i enjoyed listening to, but lost 2 stars because I could not hear or concentrate on Blish's goodbye, as I couldn't figure out how the race kept killing me and forcing me to redo it over and over. The raptor mount has no self preservation and doesnt even attempt to correct its flight while it is obvious that if you miss you are dead (would have been a good use of the Z button at this time). Whats worse you cant respawn at the last stone you jumped to. Having a timed JP in a story was a poor decision in my mind, it is fine for optional content like festivals but not for stories. I understand now that it is easier with the griffon mount, but I have been hoarding my gold and MP's for a better flying mount, griffons are found in low level content like Wayfarer's Foothills, but the first dragon is not encountered till Blazeridge.

On an unexpected plus side, I did not expect to see Braham start to realize his role in the party, I do hope that he takes a more active role and is less of the onlooker that Treehead was, which was the primary reason so many like me were happy to see him go and do our part to assist in his final sacrifice.

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Prob an 8. The deadeye instance was mechanically fine but far too random for the story flow and too drawn out. The final episode had issues with narrative flow too during the escape scene, gltches and other bits that didnt hang together.

It also lacked, like most of ls4, any really cool new music and that will always stop a higher score.

The rest was excellent. The map, the artwork, the dialogue, the collections, the easter eggs all combined well and the emphasis in less visual noise elevated it above Istan.

It is a shame ep3 couldnt raise to this height. This was def the strongest ls4 ep yet.

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I would give it a solid 7.5 out of 10. (Spoiler Warning)

The Good

  1. Great flow. I loved the way you moved from one scene to another and how the story flowed from one part to the next. It wasn't like the previous episodes in that you finished a section, went and did other things and came back to the next, which would be vastly different than the previous.
  2. Nostalgia!!!! I loved seeing things I hadn't seen since GW1 and Core GW2. The area between zone portal and Sun's Refuge immediately took me back to the Sunspear Sanctuary and Command Post. Finding the Xunlai chest made me giggle!
  3. The redemption of Braham. Trust me, he's still an annoyingly immature idiot, but at least he's "on board" with what we're doing now.
  4. Taimi! I hope they don't make her a golem. I truly hope they let her die. Not because I hate her, but because I love her. I think she should go out with all the dignity she deserves and not some stupid trope like "We can save her... We've got the technology!" (You're welcome for the Six-Million-Dollar Man reference.)
  5. The map. I love the areas such as the jungle aspect and the shroom room. The fact that the developers remembered there's a 3rd dimension tickles the kitten out of me. And the "tornado ride" was a blast... I think I spent a half hour just floating around it to see where I'd go!

The Bad

  1. It was short. Really short. I think I did the whole thing in record time.
  2. The difficulty was lacking. I was kind of hyped to see some tough situations in the story, but even the "champion" level mobs were relatively easy to kill. I would have liked to have a boss-level mob that left me dead so many times I would be nearly naked at the end.
  3. Space rocks? Really? Good concept, bad execution. I would have rather seen a warped version of the floating rocks in Caledon Forest or Metrica Province. What they did was a bit sickening (literally... motion sickness.) It could have been better.
  4. 1/2 point off for dragging all the famous dead people back. I liked it, but I didn't like it. It's a personal thing.

All in all, I enjoyed this episode a lot. Let's hope they keep it up and that we're not let down by the rest of Season 4.

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The best content in game (for me) is HoT, which have the best layout maps, the best events, the best collections and best atmosphere, and it is 9/10 as it has its flaws.Based on this score I can't give more than 6/10 to this episode, but it is still a little more interesting than the previous episodes.

More info about my opinion:

  1. The collections aren't deep enough and can be completed in a heartbeat.
  2. Events are a joke again and the only worth it (for me) is the shatterer - still can't reach the massive global scale of any HoT meta event, by a large gap.
  3. If the armor and the sun's refuge don't continue to evolve in the next episodes it will be a complete disappointment as this hope is the only cool thing here.
  4. Still, no long chain massive meta events like chack garnet - people were saying they prefer PoF metas over HoT but after few months (even weeks) we could see which maps are empty and same thing will happen with this map (sadly).
  5. If you are giving 10/10 to this map and leaving it forever after "1 week" your opinion doesn't count because the most important thing for an MMO map is to have repeatability, and for the map to have 10/10 score, it should be MASSIVE. Yet this map lacks it.
  6. The map itself is interesting but doesn't offer many new things - it is just a mix of several maps and mechanics (excluding the huge tornado, which could lead us to 2nd tier of this map and get closer to VB idea but I gues it is too much of awesomeness?).

Anyway, still good episode.

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I'm concerned about (seemingly) needing 'all' the achievements to complete the meta to get the piece for the staff (I actually kinda like that skin possibly for my main). The trend up until this point has been to be able to complete the meta with maybe a 'few' story achievements. This one looks like they are 'all' required. This could be a turning point for me. Oh well.

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I have to agree it's great, probably the best in season 4, but i don't think it's a perfect 10, probably not even an 8.I loved a lot of the stuff they did, the mists part was amazing, especially the final part...Sun's refuge was a bit underwhelming, so far at least, i hope that they keep iterating on it, but apparently the word is they won't.The books collection could have extended further, so we could finally have a personal library. But i'm still doing collections, so i'm willing to wait and see if it actually does evolve some.The story felt too short, and although i enjoy cliffhangers now and then... I think they finished with too many loose ends on this episode, and three months is a bit too long for the cliffhangers to pay off...The map is pretty great, i liked the nods to HoT masteries in the jungle area and the 'shrooms area is hillarious...I think they could have dived a bit more on the Invasion of Orr part give us a bit more lore, and the Shatterer fight is kinda meh... It has some nice elements, but honestly, it's more like Shatterer 1.5 than 3.0. The new reworked Shatterer in Blazeridge feels much more epic than the new one. Especially if you consider that this new one would be Almorra's revenge vs big K.I liked the episode, it felt like the best release they've made in a year, it just lacked some upkeep. There's too much issues being left behind in the game, a ton of hanging plot points and loose ends since Season 2 (like the fate of the pale tree), there's a lot of parts of the world that need revisiting, and its disappointing to see that the devs keep dismissing their opportunities to go back and work on that.This release was perfect for that, since they could have easily had us do stuff back in Ascalon and other places in core to create the tracker instead of snuffing out a character that we barely had time to grow attached to because the thing didn't have a decent battery... (Also i know that you want to create a reaction from people, but way to pile on the emotional moments, seriously, not forced at all, all that was left was for some random girl start wailing about her dead puppy in a corner of the Refuge... seriously).The compulsion to make the episodes so contained in their new maps robs a lot of potential for the story, and so much of the rich back story is left unexplored, and what is explored always leaves a bit of a "Deus Ex Machina" feel to it...

Anyway i liked it, didn't love it. Sadly that's also the best i've felt about a release in 2018's GW2.

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