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Viewing skill utility cooldowns in shroud


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Whilst for obvious reasons I understand that these skills should be locked for use when in shroud, what is the point behind removing my ability to view their cooldowns?

I have traited "Signets of Suffering" which decreases my signet cooldown timer by a fixed % every second whilst I'm in shroud. So why not let me know when these signets have recharged or should I have to guess?

It isn't a major issue simply a QoL thing and would help me maximise my Signet usage for healing/sustain as I currently use Signet of Vampirism and Signet of Locust to heal myself up when engaged in heavy fighting.


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If you play long enough you really can feel about when your signets would be off cooldown Keep in mind that each passing second is 4% of the total cooldown time cut but during that its still recharging by 1 second as well.

In most cases if you are not flashing shroud then they will be off cd by the time you exit or nearly off cd. Sadly signets are not that strong but they make for a fun build to play with every now and again.Ive been running Sig's of suffering a good bit lately and I just guess and 80% of the time im right or nearly right. You kind of get a feel for these things as you play.

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