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How do 'Wits of tyrian mastery' work [fractal enpowerment (2)]


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Hi there,I bought the account augmentation fractal empowerment 1 (and 2). While I have a new mastery selected (one I still need experience for) I receive extra experience after completing a fractal. However I never actually receive the wits of Tyrian mastery (as an item).

First question: is it possible to obtain wits of Tyrian mastery as an item?

This is important to me since I noticed that u can trade 20 wits of Tyrian mastery for 1 tomb of knowledge, which I am in desperate need for due to me not wanting to level my level 60(ish) character.

Second question: Is it true u can trade 20 wits of Tyrian mastery for 1 tomb of knowledge?

Thank you for taking the time to read this (possibly stupid) question,have a great day!

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The Fractal Empowerment gives bonus "Writs" that are automatically consumed, and do not enter your inventory as an item. While you are the Fractals of the Mist, regardless of which line of Mastery you are leveling, you will be switched to the Core Tyria Mastery line.

You can trade 20 Writs of Experience for a Tome of Knowledge with Miyani, or any of the Mystic Forge attendants.

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to answer the questions in order:

  1. No, you can't. They apply to your current character immediately. Basically, they only exist in order to circumvent your account's potential xp gain bonuses (as xp gained from items are not subject to said bonuses)
  2. No, it's not true. What you can exchange are writs of experience (the ones you get from dailies). This only saves you from a bit of clicking, by the way, as they add up to pretty much the same as the whole tome (each writ advances the track by 5%, while whole tome is 100%).
  3. Nitpicking, i know, but i see that mistake a lot and it bugs me every time. Tome, not tomb. The knowledge is not (yet) dead.
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