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Branded Tornado Needs Branded Sandsharks


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I saw this and was like "Are you kidding? Those things are AWESOME!" But, you are correct. They definitely need Branded Sandsharks; at the very least, one event tornado with a Champion Branded Sandshark and spawns. Branded Choya are also sucked in and blasted apart. Your job is to catch the Choya bits and chuck "choya chum" at the Champion Sandshark Pinata until it eats so much it explodes into loot <3

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@Kitty La Boom Boom.4065 said:

@Illconceived Was Na.9781 said:I had the same reaction as @Kitty La Boom Boom.4065: from "are you sunken chest kidding me?" to "actually, that sounds like it might be broken, yeah."

Did you write out "sunken chest" or did they change up the Kittenator for Talk Like a Pirate Day"?

Cool idea. @"Gaile Gray.6029" should consider a Kittenator™ for a "Talk Like a Pirate Day".

I'm a fan of minced oaths generally, and use them if I'm up skritt creek without a paddle (but with my friend's grandmother).

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