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Thief just decap


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@Koto.1824 said:If you have a side noder (war for example) on your team, let them cap far instead if they're not occupied. Thieves don't purely exist for decaps. If you have a choice between getting a kill and decapping, the kill is almost always better.

It takes like 20 seconds to get to a point, decap, and get back to a fight if you know what your doing. Nobody is saying don't take kills but if you can read the minimap well at most levels of play one of the side points is almost always open for decap practically all game. The good thiefs do it the bad thiefs don't. If a thief won't do it when the situation presents itself it allows the other team to constantly send 5 players to middle and your home point and not worry much about there home point at all.

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