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[Suggestion] Decorable player instances (Sun's refuge)


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Hello,I have an idea about our new upgradable instance. Make guild hall decors just "decor items" and allow us to decorate our personal upgradable instances like guild halls.Those decors items can be used for both guild halls and player instances.Plus add gathering nodes, planters, cloth/leather racks to there as well. So we can have a personal, customized space in the game. People can use their creativity and build their housesinside as well. You can add wall decors, roofs etc. This can also solve the anticipated player-housing with a simple solution. After the implementation of this system, you canadd more upgradable personal instances to the game and players can choose one theme that suits their taste. (Elona, Shiverpeaks, Maguuma jungle, Ascalon etc.)Allow us to have crafting stations, trading post etc. in these instances as well, so we can create our own "mistlock sanctuary" maybe?As Arenanet you guys can sell some upgrades(like crafting stations and trading post) with gems so it won't affect existing "special area" scrolls.

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