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The BoonChiller


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so i was in struggle to get a right build for the reaper and the actually meta don't fit me well so i basically put togheter the new meta pvp and the meta open world for a new reaper raid that bring hight boon reaping, chill and life force uptime for the shroud the rotation is still in study but the build is this one:


basically i'm running greaving but i still cant decide if berserker is better but this condi damage will improve the chill and poison damage, the build is viable changig some trait for more damage at cost of lesser boon reaping like awakening the dead and close to dead, or increasing the life force gain switching to chilling victory but at cost of decimated defence.

for the skills u can change spectral grasp to the most usefull in that moment like well of suffering, signet of spite for more damage,spectral armor or better spectral wall for avoiding to grasp adds like orbs in vale, well of power for party boon and cleave, corrupt boon ad nothing can save you for more boon reapingalso epidemic is viable whit greaving stats so this is it hope u enjoy this.

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condition damage does nothing for chill as it is not a damaging condition. That build puts out so little conditions that the stat investment to condi dmg is literally worthless, also because you have 2 traits that give critical hit chance most of your precision is worthless.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vRAQNAR3dnMbCt0glbC20A0bilcBLeK2FHjQBgGwKgqMsGaWA-jhSBQBMSJIN2fAAPBgNcBAwjuBKpShlUX5KK9EpygHcQAAA-eThis is an effective open world pve build that is high damage high Survivability and has lots of boon hate with almost no wasted stats (you will still have more than 100% crit chance at times, especially if someone gives you fury).best of all is the build is more or less a rune change away from being raid viable.

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A few things to note.Your vuln application is very low, i suggest you do the following things if you dont want an exact meta copy

  • In group events specifically
  • I would drop decimate defenses for the soul eater great sword trait in reaper. (more damage with your gs skills by being able to use the more often also nets you some life force and hp back over time.)
  • Drop Unyelding blast for speed of shadows (You will have swiftness to run around and in the event you get a mass of cripple or immoble you can clear it with a quick shroud flash)My reasoning for these 2 main changes in group events is that the 25 vuln stacks will be there for you, in shroud without Decimate defenses you will be sitting at 80% crit chance with the fury spam going around you you will be at 100% in shroud and 60%ish out of it which is not too bad.

You dont need to do boon ripping with this build mesmers and spellbreakers other necros will generally rip the boons before you do anyways. You are not condition so its better to let another necro that might be condition eat those few boons pve foes generate.

  • Drop spiteful spirit for close to death its a free 20% and spiteful will in no way make up for it.
  • Drop spectral mastery for vital persistence its extra reduced cd to shroud skills to stack with your reapers onslaught trait.
  • Drop well of corruption for well of suffering more damage ads some vuln for solo moments when you need it and generally deals more damage all on a lower cd

Lastly your gear.You cant make much of the condition damage you have slotted you have no condition weapons equipped and no real condition traits equipped I suggest Mara gear for armor and and using valk stats for your weapons. This nets you close to the same critical chance as the build you made while offering you higher crit damage potential with some extra health at no real loss to your damage.

spectral grasp is situational but for the sake of fun and chill theme of your build you can keep it for quick life force burst when you need it. or want to pull all foes into one nice spot. You dont need spectral mastery for this as you wont have moments where you will want use it that often (keep in mind your gs has a pull skill too)

Ive wrapped all this up with a link to see the changes.

EDITYou can also take awaken the pain over chill of death but because this is a chill theme you are going for i left it alone cheers :)

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