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[EU] Brand New Guild "Cheesecloth Crusaders [CC]" Wants You for [PvE] [PvX]


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Cheesecloth Crusaders [CC] is a brand new EU guild looking for recruits.

We are a casual and laid back guild, open to all players veterans and newbies alike, and will provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere for everyone, we're really not picky.

We are here to chat and help (if anyone needs any at all) and do all sorts of group activities together, just suggest what you want to do. We are mostly PvE focused more than anything, although I do like WvW roaming sometimes so I wouldn't rule out the PvP side of the game either if any was casually interested.

We have no rules or restrictions besides just being excellent to each other and having fun. It's a game and we are here to enjoy it together.

If you want to join or are interested get in touch by sending an in-game message to:ericdo.2647 (Guild Founder)Pencliff.4853 (Me)


PS I am not sure if we are based on a single server for any potential WvW

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