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Jahai Bluffs - Champion Vihn despawning.


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This evening I've been trying to do the "Big Bluffs Hunter" achievement in Jahai Bluffs.

It involves killing 5 rare creatures.

I found Champion Vihn, a branded Minotaur, pathing as some online guides had mentioned along the edge of the Brand to the west of Yahtendi Village waypoint. It was quite late European Time and the zone had already emptied and was suggesting I leave to another instance. Ah well, as these things take ages to spawn I'll chance it on my own.

As I'm fighting it and doing quite well, he went and despawned. Errr? I'm sure there was no timer on him. The other two I've already killed didn't have a timer.

Few minutes later as I'm killing branded, he respawns. Ok, this time I call for some help and a warrior arrives. We both fight Vihn. Again no sign of any timer. We get him to 25% health and he despawns.

Is this an intended mechanic to stop single or two players killing him or is it a bug?

Whilst we are talking about this particular Achievement, I always thought that part of the core ethos of Guildwars 2 was that we weren't going to be spawn camping? Well this is exactly what this Achievement forces you to do. The respawn times for all the creatures is far far too long. When they're called out by players they die before you even get a chance to get near them. It needs looking at beyond this possible bug with Vihn.

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