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Nevermore collectión 4 harving a bug issue


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Details about the error: Never Again IV, does not allow to complete "Combine raven and spirit", even having the two required materials, which are "Raven prepared" a "Vision glass", the error occurs when interacting with the "Source of energy of the raven shaman", which is hidden in the highs of dark hoof and does not give the achievement, which makes impossible the process to create the legendary crosier Never More.

Nombre del mapa: Cúmulos de guaridanieveNombre de vuestro personaje, su nivel, raza y profesión: Emilyr, nivel 80, profesiones Artificiero 500 y Sastre 500.

EDDIT: To obtain this achievement, it is necessary to do it with a pj that does not have the hero point.

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