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BUG : Shadow Flare ability (THIEF)


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I'm currently playing as deadeye double dagger thief.

I noticed something a little bit strange today. When I use shadow flare on mobs, i'm unable to stealth using cloak and dagger; making malicious backstabs impossible in that situation. I believe it may be due to the damage pulse... I'm uncertain. What I know for sure is that i'm no longer able to stealth while shadow flare is active.

  1. Use shadow flare
  2. Use cloak and dagger
  3. Notice that stealth didn't work
  4. Sadness...

Here is the build i'm currently using... https://imgur.com/a/oOwhHJm

If anyone knows a solution to my problem, please let me know. =)

Thank you!

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You're right that it is like that right now. The damage from the pulses get you out of stealth. But, i've been able to use the malicious backstabs during the shadow flare duration before. I don't understand why it's different now.

I mean, I would have noticed it before. I've been playing deadeye thief for a while now.

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"Hitting a foe with an attack breaks stealth for the attacker; if the attack was made out of range, misses, was blocked, or was evaded, they will not break stealth. Abilities that do not deal direct damage (like Caltrops, or the Traps which do not deal direct damage) will not break stealth, even though they apply damaging conditions."

I don't know exactly what is considered direct damage. But if you count traps as something that keeps you in stealth... It's strange that shadowflare would get you out of stealth.

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