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Thx so much for the music golem ...

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Totally agree, instead of putting that device here, he should be available to use anywhere as a device within your inventory like a music box. Please Anet make a collection and give us that chance, we don't even know how long that refuge would stay alive.... Add it to guild hall!

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They have shown they have the ability to add items that play music for you without interfering with gameplay with the PoF music boxes. (And those even play music for everyone around you).And they have shown with portal tomes and the brandstone extractor thingy that they can make items you can upgrade to have more options when you click on them.

So why not an upgradable music box? =) And have a series of collections that unlock different songs you can play on it.

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@Duncan Idaho.6184 said:... in Sun's refuge !

If only it remembered your selection, like in Guild Halls.

I was really thrilled at first, but that was before I had finished up the achievements and realiized there is no use to this place. It has nothing else to offer (yet), so I find the music golem to be a bit pointless. But, as stated before, I am hoping there is more to come regarding the functionality of Sun's Refuge. :)

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