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How would you improve weaver for pvp and pve if you could?


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I would look at things like cast times (for some reason usually around 3/4s - same as DJ), range (mostly sword) and the core ele’s survivability mechanic (survival/sustain with +0 toughness, healing power). Also, I would look at core ele’s ability to empower itself with might and fury reliably without having to blast fields beforehand. This is of course, completely IMO.

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Remove the internal cooldown on Elemental Pursuit or change it to .1-.5 seconds. Let super-speed stack with a 10-15 second cap. Give it two weeks and see if that changes anything. If not, continue slightly buffing various non-dual attunement DPS skills.

Revert the stealth nerf on Elemental Attunement so that it applies buffs on dual attunements again. Punishing Weavers for dual attuning is bad design. They can buff Quantum Strike/Cauterizing Strike all they want, but nothing will ever change that.

Let Master's Fortitude apply to dagger as well. It won't fix dagger builds, but it's the least they could do.

Add fury back to Arcane Prowess. This was just a bad move. Balancing on theme over gameplay/mechanics is never a good idea.

Reduce Ride the Lightning's cooldown OR add evade frames.

Blink as a stunbreak.

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