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Episode 5 map and rift-time displacements


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Did everyone like the rift placed areas like Maguma, Orr, and the space zone in this map?

I like the possibility they bring to future map design.

Do you think this is something they will continue doing? Can you imagine the crazy designs we could see in the future or the mobs we fight? Perhaps this will introduce us to s completely unexpected and new antagonist moving forward?

What kind of areas do you think would be interesting in episode 5’s map if they continue this idea?

I feel like we will deal with Kralk this season, but will these effects continue to happen after we defeat him? Is the damage already done? If it is then Season 5 has the potential to jump around maps quite a bit and have a lot more map variation which might be a nice break from Elona whilst allowing us to touch some areas we otherwise wouldn’t have had any reason to go to, I.e Malycks tree or the Isles of Janthir.

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@Dante.1763 said:But the rifts are tears in time, so having us go to actual places(malycks tree) that actually exist would be odd.

It would likely be Malyck's tree, but in the past. Perhaps showing how it was planted, or the firstborn of that tree. Clearly the rifts don't care about actual places considering how the Vizir's Tower is both in a rift, and also in Orr.

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