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Good, Better, Nest: Sayida's gift?


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@Ashantara.8731 said:

@"Asezon.9467" said:A
corsair flag
cozy red blanket

Hmph, I would have preferred that to the Sand Charr Doll. Too bad you can't do the remaining two, then decide what you want to put on display.

I guess I got lucky. I didn't have any issues getting any of the gifts, and I was even able to get the last 2 after completing the achievement. For the gift from Sayida the Sly, I talked to her first, then completed the nearby renowned heart, then talked to her again. If you do the heart before talking to her, wait until after daily reset. It could be one of those things that's bugged for some players while others have no issues at all (Dulfy's guide indicated it was bugged for her when she tried to do it).

Edit: Not seen in the screenshot is the female Pact Dragon Guard, who hangs around the outside of the nest. (each of them come from separate gifts, I think)



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