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Charged Vabbian Griffion Egg


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After hours of farming gold and than following a guide to fully complete all the achievements to get me a nice griffion the game decided to bug on me and now, when I was coming to an end, one the eggs that I picked up didn't proc the achievement and now I'm only one item way to finish this.

I started to pick the egg from Domain of Vabbi, the last one been the charged Vabbian egg, I got to the location and saw the egg, picked up and continue my journey. I then proceed to complete the Heart's Vendors and the last event. Went back to Yahnur Plateau and noticed that something was messing.

So I checked the achievement painel and saw that one the eggs, that I supposedly picked up earlier, was missing, went to the egg location and it's not there.

On the image I'm at the location for the charged vabbian egg, but it's not there and I don't have the item to complete the achievement.


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