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Griffon Quest(Open Skies: Crystal Oasis) bug/glitch?


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So the first time I start the quest, it ask me to collect 9 items. The NPC immediately gave me the first item which is the Spearmarshal's Plea, an item which can "grant wishes" and teleport me to NPC's location from anywhere at any time. Afterwards, I return to progress the quest and collected 2 items which is the Warmed Coastal Griffon Egg and the Browned Coastal Griffon Egg. The quest tracker shows that I've collected them, I clicked on the achievements to see if I really collect them or not. First time, it says I did collected them, which means I only need to collect 6 more. That day, I logged out, and the next day I logged back in. Since I was in a different region, I used the Spearmarshal's Plea to teleport me back to the quest's NPC. After that, I clicked on the NPC and clicked on the "How can I track them?" option in which later on automatically takes me to my achievements.

Somehow, it only shows that I've only collected 1 item(the Spearmarshal) and that the two items that I've collected before were marked grey. I tried to go back to the previous locations where I got the first two items: Warmed Coastal Griffon Egg which located at Yahneur Plateu and Browned Coastal Griffon Egg which located at Hatari Tablelands, but the game won't let me as it just automatically mounted me on a griffon. I keep re-checking my achievements to see if I got it back but they didn't. It still shows that I haven't collected any of them items except for that one item that the NPC gave me.

What's the solution? Should I try and collect the other items to complete it? Or should I restart the quest from zero? If so, how do I do that?

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