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Concept for Taimi 2.0 and Scruffy 3.0 (SPOILER WARNING)

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Greetings Kings and Queens of Tyria,

So we completed LW4 story; and Taimi's future looks pretty.... bad. She's gonna kick the bucket...
Or maybe not?... Nonono, i rather wanna see her become Smarter, Faster, Stronger; presenting Taimi 2.0.

Taimi 2.0 Features & Abilities:She is the latest/most advanced golem ever created; combining technology(of wich some highly top secret) from Rata Sum, Rata Novum and Rata Primus.Taller/bigger then your average Asura; making her futureproof when needing to expand her capabilities with new modules/components/programs.

Supreme Brain Containment Unit.Houses Taimi's own brain. integrated with golem cybernetics, additional quantum cpu's, Preserved Quirks, Dolby and protected by various type of shielding.

Armor/body parts.Extremely rare Alloy's wich have been tempered/refined to the point it can withstand just about anything.

Advanced Fractal Reactor.Contains compressed Fractal matter; wich circulates in an endless loop; providing an everlasting energy source for Taimi 2.0

Modular Arms and Legs.Capable of moving in all directions, extending itself 5 times the size of Taimi.(can be used as a slingshot to launch Taimi 2.0)

Gravity Control Module.Creates a gravity field around Taimi 2.0; allowing her to rollerskate realfast in "hoverboard style" on surfaces. Can also reduce impact from high dropdowns.

Modular Magnetic footsole.Allows Taimi 2.0 to attach herself to various metal surfaces. She can also reverse Magnetic polarity to Launch/boost herself of metal surfaces.

Advanced Visual sensor.Creates virtual maps of enviroments/objects at 360 fps. Has build in Night/Heat/Radiation/Spectral Leyline/xray vision support and Multi targeting system.

Golem tech "Smart" hair.Acts as her extra pair of "eyes, ears. hands, legs" plus can be reprogrammed for other tasks. In the inevitable situation of the main body losing functionality; the Head candetach itself; running on its internal emergency battery while the Hair acts as the legs of a spider; allowing a degree of mobility.

Holographic 3D printer module.Based on the Holosmith forge schematics; this is the latest in Holographic technology. Allows for taimi 2.0 to "3d print" Holographic programs without the use of a forge.Holographic programs are maintained by the Fractal Reactor and can be stored in a Holographic inventory and used when needed.
Programs can only be used for a specific amount of cycles/time when activated; Use a program for too long and it will either rapidly heatup and explode in the users face.

Paint job:Scratch/heat/radiation/corrosion proof coating. the colors are reminiscent of Taimi 1.0

Taimi 2.0 has much more power now; allowing her to use a slightly improved Scruffy.4WoaGJ3.pngKralkatorrik: Oh $%#t!_

x36C0xu.pngsome other Scruffy sketches.

And if not; You shall be missed Taimi. o7

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I'm Flattered you like my Sonic the Hedgehog art; thou i should try to explain what the purpose of my posts entails.

I was sort off teasing Derd a bit before; cause his response was similar to yours( i hereby apologize for the slight concealed sarcasm Derd)But notice how the titles of my recent posts clearly state "Concept" instead of "Conceptual Art/Lore/Story Writing".

As i explained to Derd in a post before: a concept preserves the option of turning it into something much more; so when you say; the art doesnt look like gw2/ lore story is bad/incorrect; yes thats correct; cause those things serve as mere "windowdressing/placeholders" for something a concept could evolve into.(could have drawn generic stickfigures for reference too; but thats kinda silly. Acurate lore/story? no; just make something up to set the scene a bit for the bigger picture )

On the other hand;

In Conceptual Art/Lore/Story Writing; You kinda follow the subject's Aesthetic (Look, Style, Feel) but that will also "limit" things;(steering you in a direction)Leaving no more room for other people's own idea's / imagination / concepts wich could derive from the initial concept.Alot of people are going for that stuff; and i have seen amazing things indeed. But comments such as "art is fine/bad, story/lore is fine/bad" on my posts are kinda.. missplaced; since their not about Conceptual Art nor Lore/Story? I tried my best to explain it in the most polite manner possible to my knowledge XD.

Edit: i really insist everyone not to label the images as "Art"; as it devoids people who are actually aiming/trying to create "Art". "Art" is made with the purpose to invoke a feeling/emotion; i aimed for exactly the opposite. If you did get a fuzzy feeling from my sketches; then it was completely unintentional.

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