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Bring back the old movement animation / eliminate motion sickness.


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Firstly: I don't suffer from the motion sickness people have reported, I didn't even realise that was even a thing till 5 minutes ago, but I reckon DO know why! It's why I originally came here to make this post infact....

It's the new animations, but not directly, it's that now your player is properly 'connected/grounded' to the world, as opposed to sliding across it.

Technically I guess that's an improvement, and an obvious product of the introduction of the mounts. But, imho, it is a MAJOR step back in terms of the fuild feel of the game. Before my little Asura would graciously slide across the land, nice and fluid, complete with a nice smooth running animation when a flamethrower was held. But now it's all awkward and stuttery, as animation frames are evidently dropped to ensure the character's feet match the ground properly, utterly ruining the feel. Honestly it really has taken a big part of the feel of the game away from me, and apparently I'm one of the lucky ones: Others are affected so badly it literally gives them motion sickness!

I fear this change is too fundamental to reverse, but ideally it would be nice to have a setting to control player motion. Such like:

Player movement:

  • Strict/Grounded (as it is now)
  • Free/Loose (as it was before)

If it's a client-side change, what would be the harm in adding this option? I for one would certainly greatly appreciate it!.

Thanks for reading.

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