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WvW Roaming Builds Collection


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Hey guys, we got a new expansion with new interesting elite specialisations. I tried to collect the new builds asap and here I am with our updated Google Doc tinyurl.com/moshbuildsI know it is in german but you can change the language to english in the buildcalculator. I´ll add images later for better navigation.When you have questions or suggestions feel free to discuss in this thread or write a pm ingame.

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@BfourD.8540 said:From google translate. Thanks for putting this collection together.

Elementarmagier - Elementalist


Nekromant - necromancer

Dieb - thief

Ingenieur - engineer

Waldläufer - ranger

Krieger - warrior

Wächter -guardianWidergänger - revenant

Not even in German is the Mesmer anything special.

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