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NA-Tarnished Coast House Ishida [Ishi] PVX/RP casual semi-hardcore guild recruiting!

Yumiko Ishida.3769

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Main Info:

Forums: house-of-ishida.enjin.com.Discord:https://discord.gg/ab99teX Please visit!(link never expires)In game contact: Yumiko Ishida.3769Region: NA mega serverWVW Server: Tarnished CoastTime Zone: Eastern Time US (GMT-4 (daylight time)/5 (non daylight time))

What we stand for:

This guild is for those that wish to "play differently" and not be harassed or bullied into playing anyone Else's way. If you are tired of toxicity in instanced content or in general, not getting help in map chat for harder content or events, or ignored when downed and left to die, this may be the guild for you. I don't care how you play as long as you have an eagerness to learn the game and have fun just playing and contribute to a better community in GW 2.

Recruitment tagline in game:

Experienced? If not, We're here for you. Sick of elitists? I'm here for you too. House Ishida [ishi] A guild for all. Help for all Join now! PvX Dungs/Fracts/Raids. We will figure it out, our way, and in a respectful way, together!

Other Important Stuff

I need a few responsible, helpful and respectful players that love to help others in the game to be my officers, as I can't be there all the time and its why my guild has fallen to the wayside a few time before. I have a life and I work. I can't be glued to my chair to play GW 2 and help everyone by myself.

So I'm looking for a few officer worthy players and a Co Leader.

The guild is also RP-based, but the guild chat is not expected to be in-character (IC). So Be mindful and respectful of any RPers we may have.


Lv 35 Guild Hall in Windswept HavenGuild Portal ActiveGuild Hall Movement Speed Buff @ 11%Way Point Discount @ 5%

  • Tavern IAll Tavern Buffs Available
  • Market II
  • Work Shop IAll nodes available
  • Arena I
  • War Room II
  • Mine Excavation IIINearly 100% complete
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