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Rare Grapes


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There's a guaranteed drop in the Vehtendi Vineyard, behind the Vehtendi AcademyYou could visit here every day, or if you have alts, bring each alt here, have 10 alts? Harvest it 10 times on all 10 alts and be done instantly :P

As far as I know each one of these rare gathered items has at least one guaranteed drop node, I don't remember where the Granite or Wood one comes from since they were easy enough to find just by mining/logging in general, The Granite node is on the cliff the griffon roost is, north of Kormir's Temple in Crystal Oasis, The Tamarisk node, is also on a tall cliff, near where the griffon roost is in Desert Highlands, the Late-Blooming Elon Liliy node can be found in the northeast corner of the Whispering Grotto, in a bandit-infested area beyond a waterfall (that is inside the grotto caves) and the Ancient Surveyer Tool node is a tiny chest in the desolation on a lower outcropping of a cliff filled with sulfer crazed harpies, a little north of Caustic Spur on the map.

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