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Sand Swells Interaction With Line of Sight

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So, prefacing this with, I'm not actually sure if this is a bug or the intended behavior of the skill. As far as I am aware, Sand Swell functions as a blink in most situations. However in practice there are extra restrictions on Sand Swell that aren't in place on Mesmer's Blink or Thief's Shadowstep. The main issue being that you quite literally need Line of Sight on the location you are trying to reach. The two places I show in the videos are the first ones that came to mind. However, the main one that was bothering me and made me test was in the Uncategorized Fractal, I could not blink up with Sand Swell to the consoles, while Mesmers could even though I had a green targetting reticle.

So the simplest way to reproduce this is to go to anywhere there is a ledge or bridge that you know blink type skills work at and try to use Sand Swell while not having Line of Sight on the target end point. Then try backing up so you do have Line of Sight and Sand Swell should then activate.

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