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Champ Dhael Skyspeaker


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Anet, please look a the healing this Champion Bounty does. Its getting ridiculous how many times I've attempted this bounty with various size groups. Every attempt at this bounty ends up in failure with the boss healing itself up to 100% every.damn.time... I understand the mechanics, but this being just a champ bounty, it rivals and even surpasses some of the Legendary bounties.It becomes a DPS race from the beginning and if you are not rolling in a 50+ squad you have no hope in killing this thing. The mechanics are simple, the boss spawns healing tendrils that must be destroyed or else the boss heals itself, but that coupled with the boss also having a health stealing attack means that no matter how much DPS you have it'll just health through right back up to 100%.This is the last bounty I need for the achievement, either tone down the healing from the boss attack or remove the healing tendrils mechanic, not both.


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